This guy here on the left is Dargon. He is a dragon.​ No! He is not just a poorly drawn floating head! Anyways, Dargon is looking for someone to defeat him. Think you have what it takes?

P: Pause
1: Move to position one.
2: Move to position two.
3: Move to position three.
4: Move to position four.
5: Move to position five.

In order to move to a position, you must already be at the position next to it.
I want to move to position four. I am on position one. I press two, then three, and finally four. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

You have ten hit points and Dargon has 100 hit points. Both are displayed in the top left corner of the screen. Your goal is to bring Dargon's hit points to zero. Every time you press down a button that Dargon is not looking at, you do one damage to him. ​​

If Dargon is looking straight, he sees positions two, three and four. If Dargon is looking to the left, he sees positions one and two. If Dargon is looking to the right, he sees positions four and five.

As Dargon takes damage, his attacks become more swift.​​​​​​
Dargon: Come at me with everything you've got!

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Meant to be played on this system: 
​5 BUTTONS Competition